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Rated 5 Stars
FoxLingo is worthy for our 5 Stars Quality Award and was rated accordingly. We were impressed by its overall quality and we encourage the FoxLingo team to keep up the high standards.


Through the use of a neat customisable toolbar, FoxLingo puts you in a position to instantly translate web pages with the click of a mouse. The application supports a massive range of languages, and you can pick those that are most useful to you, adding a flag for each in the toolbar.


One of the best (and easiest to use) language translation tools available right now is the FoxLingo add-on for Firefox.


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We have decided to award FoxLingo for its quality and have found it to be very useful for our users.

Firefox Facts

Need to translate a Web site really quickly? FoxLingo is going to be the Firefox extension that you can not live without.


An indispensable tool for people working on the web in multiple languages and requiring instant translation on the fly of entire websites.

Technology Bites

Best Firefox Addons for Language Support ...FoxLingo Translator enables you to translate web pages and text. This extension has dictionaries, encyclopedias, text-to-speech engines, language identification, and language search features. It currently supports 71 languages. FoxLingo automatically translates websites by recognizing their domain.

Techno Dys

This free Firefox add-on will instantly translate any page for me, or just a few words. It support over 50 languages and over 1500 combinations for translation. So if you want English to Italian, it will offer eleven different engines to choose from, and then instantly provide the translation.

Programas Gratis

FoxLingo is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that lets you graducir any language while you browse the network. This is an instantaneous translation online service that lets you navigate through foreign websites without worrying about not understand what you're reading.


Firefox extension that will translate websites or typed words from webpages in almost any language. FoxLingo translates websites with their current interface!


FoxLingo, a Super-Hyper-Mega Translation Tool on Steroids. For those of us traveling down that long learning Spanish curve, this free software is a terrific tool.


Pros: Customisable toolbar, Supports lots of languages


5 Star Award in FileHungry
FoxLingo has received a 5 Star Rating at FileHungry.

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FoxLingo has been reviewed by Best Vista Downloads and got 5 stars award on our website


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FoxLingo has been reviewed by Best Freeware Download and got 5 stars award on our website


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FoxLingo project is a Firefox extension which acts as a versatile language tool.